Webber Douglas Studio
Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in collaboration with Inspector Sands
Devised by the company
Direction: Lucinka Eisler
Stage Design: Mengqi He and Sarah Beaton
Sound Design and Original Music: Harry Linden Johnson
Lighting Design: Sana Yamaguchi
The story takes place at times in the present, and at times in the past. The stories of the past are told through two filters: The story told by the housekeeper to the guest, which is then retold through the guest's words as written in his journal.
The concept of the lighting was to recreate this sense of retelling of stories by defining the 'present' looks and the 'past' looks. In real life, the present can be seen clearly, so the 'present' looks were achieved through making faces clearly visible and lessening the sculptural shadows. In my own memories, I felt that the past looks muddled and slightly darker than the present. This served as the inspiration for the lighting, utilizing mainly sidelight and backlight to make the 'past' lighting darker with unnatural and sculptural shadows. 

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