Studio One at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama
Direction: Bill Buckhurst
Stage Design: Eve Hunter
Sound Design: Callum Wyles
Lighting Design: Sana Yamaguchi and Jack Channer
Photos by Zak Macro
The main focus of this design was color. Director Bill Buckhurst was inspired by the aesthetic of Michael Mann films, and wanted to create a sterile world with a clean design, and washes of bold colors. A cold white was used for regal scenes, a wash of blue was used for night and moody scenes, and an unsettling green was used as a theme for the ghost of King Hamlet. As the ghost of King Hamlet appeared down the aisle of the seating, we had light shining through the audience seating in the green color to make the audience feel as if they are immersed in the world of Hamlet.

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