I’m a creative technologist and theatre lighting designer based in Tokyo, Japan. My interest lies in working across the multiple disciplines of technology, computation and lighting to create unique storytelling experiences. 
I like to bring an element of empathy to any design I work on, whether it be expressing the emotions of a scene through lighting design, or creating new interactive experiences that can evoke new thoughts and feelings. 
I have a BA (Hons) degree in theatre lighting design from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, where I specialized in lighting design for collaborative devised theatre making processes, and an M.Arch degree in Design for Performance and Interaction from the Bartlett School of Architecture (University College London). During my time at the Bartlett, my research consisted of cybernetics, interaction systems, and emotive robotics.
Having had the experience of living and working in the USA, UK, and Japan, I’m interested in what new creations can arise from collaborations across different cultures, backgrounds and disciplines.
Winner of the 2016 Francis Reid Award from the Association of Lighting Designers. Judges' comments:  "From the outset, Sana’s concise presentation impressed the panel, with clear concepts and ideas throughout. Sana’s good research, along with her bold use of angles and colour choices caught our judges attention and clearly achieved impressive results."
•. @heyhexx | Ars Electronica Festival | 2018
•.  CAUSALITY | Design and Crafts Exhibition- Royal Central School of Speech and Drama | 2017

•.  Maria de Buenos Aires | Natalie Katsou | National Theatre of Miskolc | 2017
•   Walk With Me | Crew for Calais | Vault Festival | 2017
•.  Borderland/Calais | Crew for Calais | Vault Festival | 2017
•.  Still Waiting | Crew for Calais | Vault Festival | 2017
•   The Sound and the Fury | Dominic Rouse | Performance Space One | 2016
•   Wuthering Heights | Lucinka Eisler | Webber Douglas Studio | 2016
•.  Hamlet | Bill Buckhurst | Studio One | 2015

•.  The Darkest Corners (Assistant/Programmer) | LD: Katharine Williams | Rash Dash-Transform Festival @ Globe Road Car Park, Holbeck | 2017
•.  Ready or Not (Associate Lighting Designer and relighter) | LD: Katharine Williams | Kali Theatre-MAC Birmingham | 2017
•.  Big Guns (Assistant/Programmer) | LD: Katharine Williams | The Yard Theatre | 2017
•   Partus | LD: Katharine Williams | Third Angel-ARC Stockton | 2017
•   Darknet | LD: Katharine Williams | Potential Difference-Southwark Playhouse | 2016
•   Dream Girls | LD: Seamus Strahan-Mauk | Broadway By the Bay-Fox Theatre RWC | 2014
•   In the Heights | LD: Derek Duarte | Broadway By the Bay-Fox Theatre RWC | 2014
•   Evita | LD: Seamus Strahan-Mauk | Broadway By the Bay-Fox Theatre RWC | 2014
•   CATS | LD: Michael Ramsaur | Broadway By the Bay-Fox Theatre RWC | 2014

2008-2013 | ETC Ion | Broadway By the Bay
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