Performance Space 1 at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama
Devised by the company
Direction: Dominic Rouse
Stage Design: Sarah Beaton
Sound Design: Grzegorz Staniewicz
Lighting Design: Sana Yamaguchi
Photos by Sana Yamaguchi
Quite a unique project, we spent 9 weeks researching and developing a start of an adaptation of the novel The Sound and the Fury by William Faulkner. The novel is split into 4 sections told by 4 narrators, so one of the languages of the piece that we worked with was playing out the 4 sections over 3 seating configurations (promenade, thrust, and traverse). The biggest challenge was to light three configurations and four separate sections with the constraint of 36 dimmers. The lighting rig needed to be minimal yet bold, so one bold key lighting element was decided on to symbolize and distinguish each section.

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